Friday 8 January 2010

Painted White

I just came across this stunning image of the UK from space taken yesterday by the Terra Satellite and posted on-line by NASA. I didn't go to work yesterday for various reasons, but the snow was a significant factor. I took the time to read my book, did a little painting and did some writing... and generally felt very guilty about taking the day off work (honest). But having seen this stunning picture of the UK blanketed in snow I feel less guilty. We are experiencing very unusual weather and the forecasters are already predicting this could be the coldest winter in the UK since records began - and were not even half way through yet.

I've gone to work today (more roads were salted/gritted so driving is a little safer) but I have a feeling this won't be the last 'snow day' I have this winter. The only problem with being in work is that looking at this picture of Britain undercoated white is making me think about all the painting projects I have yet to get started.


  1. I need some more white spray.

  2. Beautiful picture ....

    Isn't the world a wonder ? We are having a wet season in virginia .... and bitter cold.

    Bundle up ...


  3. The ITN weather forecast ended with 'and it will be particularly bad in the Medway Towns'. Guess where I live.


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