Thursday 14 January 2010

Getting to Know You

I haven't run a Poll in a while - the last was in July 09 - but since then the readership of this blog has increased tremendously. So I think its high time I tried to get some idea of what you, the readers, like to play. Are you into Roleplaying Games, Wargames or Computer Games? Or are you a Boardgamer or a player of Collectible Card games? Maybe your interests cover several categories or something entirely different and not listed here. Whatever they are I'd love to know.

Respondents can select more than one category and 'Other' includes anything that doesn't fall into the main categories, or if you don't play at all.

This Poll takes a very broad brush approach and is aimed at getting a general idea what categories of games are most popular amongst this Blogs readership. Depending on the level of participation I may run related Polls later in the year that focus on specific categories. Of course I'll post the results with a bit of analysis when the Poll closes in two weeks.


  1. I'd love to see a poll splitting down the styles of wargaming etc. that your readership has. I imagine a big mix from Old School to 40K and everything in between.

  2. I would vote for "everything in between" ))

  3. No box for CCG's, so I voted other as well. I read a lot of RPG rules but don't play them. I am nostalgic about reading old school RPG articles though. I ran weekly campaigns from 1981-1985. I'm a horrible player though!

    So you can cover anything, and I'm interested. I need five lifetimes!

  4. I am happy to see a mix of everything. Hits all readers and makes for a interesting coffee talk on other blogs as well.


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