Friday 4 September 2009

WWII Allied Spotter Plane

During the WWII reenactment that took place at Military Odyssey over the weekend they had an L-4 Piper Grasshopper spotter plane buzzing the battlefield. I managed to get a few seconds of video and thought it worth sharing.

The Piper Grasshopper was a well established civil airplane at the outbreak of the war and was ideal for service as a reconnaissance plane. It had a wingspan of 35 feet and weighed a measly 553kg. It could take off from a very small runway and cruised at a maximum speed of 85mp and maximum ceiling of 9300 ft (with a crew of two). The Grasshopper saw extensive service in Normandy but they were also used in North Africa and the Pacific.


  1. They did the spotter scenario last favourite bit . These planes often get overlooked as the Spits & Mustangs are more glamourous but you had to be brave to fly those things at low level & unprotected in a war zone...I'm lucky to fly in a Piper Cub frequently and previously in an ex RAF Malaya Auster & they are great machines

  2. Nice clip. The liaison pilots were indeed a brave bunch and did a lot more than most people recognize! If anyone's interested, Google the Alamo Liaison Squadron and find a book called Box Seat Over Hell. It's a good read!


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