Wednesday 23 September 2009

Painting Notebook

I've finally started to keep a Painting Notebook to record specific colour schemes and blends that I want to replicate. I've heard that lots of painters do this and frankly the only thing stopping me was my inability to find a notebook of sufficient quality. So on Monday I picked up a watercolour book with paper of 230 g/m² weight which is sufficient to paint on without the paper distorting or absorbing too much water.

The aim is to keep a detailed colour diary that makes replication of results easier. For instance I have settled on a recipe for camo paint on German Panzer's and want to record the various stages of my experimentation for future reference. Next time I paint a German vehicle all I then have to do is look up what colours I used and what ratios I used for the camo blends. This should ensure some consistency across my army as I build it, even if individual platoons were painted many months apart.

This is something I should have done years ago and I'm sure will help me improve my technique.

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  1. As the years roll by, a paint list is the only wait to remember how old armies were painted. As I work on new projects, I add the paint information to my blog. Safest place for the paint list & its search able.


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