Tuesday 15 September 2009

Fiddly Bitz

I have big fingers. Not surprising given my nickname is BigLee but still, it has to be mentioned. I don't think my hands are fat (it's all in a tire around my waist) but I'd never describe myself as 'dexterous'. So when it comes to the fiddly bits of model construction I guess I'm at a disadvantage, and boy have I met my nemesis recently.

I'm working on the Panzer IV platoon I mentioned last week and I still haven't reached the stage of priming the models. There's a significant amount of construction in these models so its taking a long time to prep them. Each Tank has a separate coaxial gun turret, driver/hatch cover, tracks, mud guards and (the bit I'm struggling with now) the Schürzen plates.
The Flames of War website has a whole article about attaching the plastic schurzen plates to the model. It's very detailed and quite useful... but doesn't mention anything about handling the tini-tiny parts with great big stubby fingers. I sat down last night intending on attaching the rails & plates to all five models but managed to get just one completed. Very frustrating.


  1. Those Schurtzen were not only a pain to assemble, but I find that they don't have enough support in the lower half - I'm always snapping them when I pick my tanks up!

    I think I'm going to reinforce the plates on my next platoon somehow...

  2. I found this problem as well. While the original configuration may look historically accurate there needs to be some concession to durability. In the end I removed the rails and glued the Schurtzen directly to the tracks. The other alternative would have been to construct some sort of support for the bottom of the plates.

  3. yeah, I think a small piece of plasticard pipe should do the trick. The only challenge will be if I want to have some "missing plates" to represent battle damage.

    Can probably get around that by adding 2 pipes on either side of the resulting gap, and taking care to tuck them back far enough not to be seen.


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