Wednesday 16 September 2009

Superglue leaves me so stuck-up

I spent a little time working on my modeling project (the Panzer IV's) last night but had to call it a night after sticking myself to myself for the umpteenth time. I use a variety of glues when prepping models for painting including different types of epoxy resin and contact glue. However for metal models where the join is good and the weight of the parts not significant I usually resort to Superglue for the job. I particularly like Superglue Gel because I find it easier to apply, its less messy and it has some (limited) gap filling properties.
The only problem with this option is that I seem to have a knack for gluing myself in the process. I've lost count how many time's I've stuck my fingers together or to the model I'm working on. Fortunately superglue can be removed. Most superglue bonds can be dissolved using Acetone or Acetone based nail varnish remover. Not all removers contain acetone because of the growing popularity of Acrylic Nails so check the label before use. There are also a wide range of Superglue solvents on the market although I've never used these myself.

When applying the acetone use a small quality at a time and do so in a well ventilated area. I have found the beast way to apply Acetone is with a Q-tip or cotton bud applied directly to the glue. This dissolves the bond without damaging the skin but you still have to be gentle when peeling the bond apart. Its also worth noting that Acetone de-fats the skin so make sure you wash with soap and water after use and apply a suitable hand lotion to the treated area of skin.

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  1. Super Glues!!!!

    I prefer medium super glues rather than gels and even the very thin ones (which I apply through a nozzle). But my main point is I use lots (and lots) of accelerator/accelerators.I was recently working in another modellers workshop, repairing castings with super glue and I asked him where his accelerator was. The blank look proved to me that I must be somewhat unusual in my use of these products!

    When I get super glue on my fingers I just use washing up liquid and warm water - it may take longer than acetone, but I find it less intrusive.



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