Friday 18 December 2009

Wargames Illustrated 267

My copy of Wargames Illustrated turned up five minutes after I left for work (which is just typical) but it was well worth the wait. This months issue is focused on The First Crusade and the Conquest of the Holy Land. This is a fascinating period of history, the ramifications of which still ripple down to the current day. If anyone has not yet seen the excellent documentary The Crusades (1995) by Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame) then I urge you to track down a copy.

As always this issue is full of eye candy and at 114 pages, well worth the money. Here's a run down of the key articles in this months WI:

  • The First Crusade 1096-99 - Introduction to this months issue
  • Contact, Contact: Yellow One Down - Following on from last months special on Vietnam this scenario gives another opportunity to play the Air Cav or NV Regulars
  • The Battle of Dorylaeum - One of the deciding battles of the 1st Crusade
  • New Zealand Grand Tournament - A FOW tournament held in Auckland
  • Islamic Armies of the First Crusade - A look at the Seljuk Turks and Fatimid Caliphate that faces the Crusaders
  • The Italians can rob my Country when I am Dead! Part 2 - The second part of a fascinating review of the Italian campaign in Ethiopia in 1935-6
  • How to Build Siege Towers - A building guide to making engines of war
  • The Heat of Battle - Wargaming at the WWII museum in New Orleans
  • The Power and the Glory: The Siege of Jerusalem - All you need to know about the Crusaders capture of the City
  • Guards Battlegroups - The History and Tactics of the Late War Guards Armoured Division for FOW
  • First Barrier to Bastogne - A Rapid Fire scenario simulating the initial assult on the 9th Armoured Division during the Battle of the Bulge
  • A New Era for Plastics - Michael Perry reveals the new period in Plastic miniatures - The Wars of the Roses
  • The Severn Valley in Flames - A civil war rages in Britain in 1938!
As well as these articles there are the usual product reviews, news and rules roundup. All in all another excellent issue.


  1. That War of the Roses era sounds interesting. My girlfriend is a Tudor history fanatic, I'm looking forward to the day she takes me to Hampton Court and tell me what REALLY happened ;)

    Anyway, I'm rambling! Is there a dedicate website for that system or anything?


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