Monday 28 December 2009

The Big Idea of 2009

Its been a hell of a year. I normally enjoy roller coasters but there have been so many 'ups and downs' this year that I'm looking distinctly green around the gills. But one of the big positives to come out of 2009 has been my 'discovery' of the bloggosphere. It's definitely changed the way I view my hobby.

I've always (well for the last 10 years or so) been a heavy 'web surfer'. Over the last decade I have developed a web presence in several online forums and social networking sites. From the beginning my aim has been to increase my coverage and participation in the wider gaming community. But it was my decision to start a blog earlier in the year which has taken things onto another level. I'll be posting some site statistics next week when the site reaches its 1st Birthday but trust me when I say I never expected to generate so much interest and to be involved in so many discussions as I have this year. Its been a blast.

In becoming a blogger myself I have also come to appreciate the role of other peoples blogs as a source of information and inspiration. I'm a bit of a web cynic and hold to the idea that 99% of the stuff on the web is pointless rubbish... but by tapping into the bloggosphere I seem to have found the mother load of genuinely talented people and useful sites. Its been a genuinely transformational experience.

All of which is my way of saying, thanks for reading my blog and thanks to you for the amazing variety and quality of the blogs that I read every day. Your daily efforts keep me sane... pretty much.

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  1. I also started a blog this year (last April) and have found it to be a great tool in helping me expand my hobby. Fir me it serves as both a motivator to get projects completed (need something to post about!) as well as a communication tool to meet other gamers.

    I've enjoyed coming across your blog in the recent months and appreciate your taking the time to put it together

    Heres hoping you have a happy 2010!


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