Saturday 16 May 2009

Strange Dice

Just a quick post today but maybe one that will provoke a Strong response. After all I know how protective gamers get about their dice... myself included. But what in the name of Gygax is the point of crystal dice?
I bought a set some years ago at Dragonmeet and try as I might I can't bring myself to use them in a real game. I'm half afraid my fellow gamers will just laugh at me and I know that the darn things aren't very practical... unless you like squinting with your eyes and muttering "what number is that?... can I roll that again?". They are even less practical than those miniature dice sets you can buy. You know the ones that are slightly larger than a grain of sand.

Give me proper sized dice. Preferably made of high grade steel. You get a much better trajectory from metal dice and they keep the GM on his toes.


  1. I have a set too and they are indeed weird.

  2. I like them, although I'd have to admit that looking at them I think the higher numbered dice would invoke as many arguments as the large d100 balls. I have vague memories of seeing a cylindrical dice set a while back that you rolled.


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