Friday 22 May 2009

The new Star Trek movie

I went and saw the new Star Trek movie the other night. I was going to write my own review of the movie then I read the Bad Astronomers review and decided I couldn't do better.

I enjoyed the film and the many many references to the previous films and TV series. But I did come out of the cinema thinking "this isn't Star Trek". I thought the casting was good, the exteriors of the ships were great and there were some spectacular set pieces. But... what the heck was going on with the interior sets? They were so far from anything seen before it just didn't feel like there was any continuity. I was also a little disappointed with the script. The story just wasn't up to the hype IMHO. For instance, employing a Black Hole as the means by which the Romulan ship traveled back in time was just a Lazy plot device that has been done to death in hundreds of other films.
My overall impression was this was a film that was worth seeing but if your a hard core Trekkie prepare to be underwhelmed.

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