Friday 22 May 2009

Game Night means more dead Kobolds

The Dagenham Dungeon Delvers are meeting tonight to resume our D&D campaign for the first time in weeks. Illness and other commitments have taken their toll this year but we are soldering on in the Sunless Citadels (a setting created by our GM). We seem to have been taking a pasting from a bunch of Kobolds for months now and its time for some payback.


  1. Speaking of Kobolds, I seem to have been hearing more about these creatures lately. The Goblin Factory is releasing a 25mm set of them.
    I See Lead People has a sneak peak of the models.

  2. Kobolds are nasty in 4E. Ok not as nasty as most other creatures but a world away from the whimps in 3.5e. When our group first encountered them after coverting to the new rules we were taken by suprise and got mauled.


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