Thursday 21 May 2009

The Splatter Gun Effect

It has been said (be me in fact) that I lack focus. That's not an entirely accurate observation but it does convey the broad range of my interests. As one of my favorite Cartoonists said, "My Fandom, Is Random". So it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm often juggling multiple projects at the same time. So what am I working on right now.
  • Well the blog keeps me busy most days, and this is something I have enjoyed a great deal since its inception back in January. My main aim is still to share and improve my miniatures painting but the blog has also provided a forum for me to talk about my wider hobby interests and this seems to have gone down well with my readers (I always welcome feedback folks).
  • I'm also continuing to develop my Campaign World (gotta tell you about this sometime) for D&D. When I started this project over four years ago I produced a 'sourcebook' for my players and now I have enough material for a revision... a 2nd edition non-the-less.
  • In addition I am developing and writing a third campaign for my players. I'm the sort of GM that thrives on detailed backstories, real world politics and a setting that maintains internal consistency across the whole campaign arc. And this makes writing the campaign both enormous fun and very hard work.
  • To support the campaign I have a growing list of miniatures that need painting and Dungeon Floorplans that need putting together.
  • And if this lot were not enough I am also considering running a Basic D&D game and a Call-of-Cthulhu game for my gaming group... with accompanying Miniatures and Floortiles of course.
So, long story short, I'm quite busy at the moment. Add in the fact that I have a full calendar of living history events, game conventions and trade shows and you can see I'm burning the metaphorical candle at both ends and in the middle. And it has to be said that I'm loving every minute of it.

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  1. I think its something to do with gamers - having so, so much choice and us wargamers just can't make up our minds as to which thread to work on first.

    My workbench table is (a right mess) full of different projects that I have started but only just scratched the surface, and then I read an article about Triremes - and off I go on yet another modelling search that will no doubt come to nothing.

    One other point - and I think its like MAN FLU, only effects men, is the tiny and short attention span we have when it comes to gaming! I spend years building up a Flintloque army, then just as long on Flash, then different scale Space 1889 etc, etc, etc.

    Oh if only I could be more focused - but then I'd be bored.

    So there we are - no help what so ever, and a rambling post.


    Liked the Risoles story.


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