Saturday 4 April 2020

The Panther Hunt

A few days ago I put away all the Frostgrave Terrain and started to put together a Normandy table for a game of What a Tanker. The Rejects and I ran a demo of this a few weeks ago at Skirmish (probably our last show for a long time!) and I decided to use a cut down version for a game at home on my small table. Once again I used the Panzerfaust Rules that I write for use in this game. 

The Setup and Order of Battle
So the layout is just a variation of the one we used at Skirmish. Lots of Bocage, small fields, a farm and a couple of downed gliders and a few dead cows to set the scene. The Allied player (the Padawan) started the game with two tanks, A Firefly and an M4 Sherman. Facing them I had a Panther and control of the Panzerfaust teams. The Table is small, just 4ft by 2ft 6", but with all the terrain we'll need to get fairly close to acquire our targets. 

The Action
The Setup...lots of Bocage and small fields.  

There isn't a lot of room in my room so we used some of my storage boxes for the tank Dashboards, dice etc. 

The Padawan looks so thrilled to be playing something historical....

The Firefly gets a turn of speed on and whips around a road, keeping as much cover as possible between it and my panther. In the process, one of my Panzerfaust tokens comes within 6". It is spotted and destroyed...but it was only a cow! 

Meanwhile, the M4 rather boldly sticks its nose out into the road and acquires the Panther. With a perfect set of dice, it gets two shots off against the frontal armour of the Panther, inflicting some temporary damage. 

My Panther crew easily repair the damage and try to acquire the more dangerous opponent, the Firefly. However, the Padawan has positioned her tank well and I can't get line-of-sight. 

The Firefly moves behind the farm building, only exposing itself when there is minimal cover between it and the Panther. 

Meanwhile, the M4 continues to get multiple shots on the Panther, again inflicting temporary damage. 

The Firefly now has the panther in its sights....

BOOM! Two well-aimed shots rip through the frontal armour of the Panther sending its turret spinning skyward.  Huge plumes of acrid black smoke belch from the hull, and it's game over. 

Well, that was disappointing for the Germans!!

Playing my daughter at home is starting to feel like punishment duty! Three games on the trot. In her own words, she had her arm twisted to play, come in, blew my shit up and left! Game over in under 30 minutes. 

I really need another hobby...


  1. You have to face facts. You have gamed longer than your daughter and have used up all your luck. SO it time for a sacrifice to Bast, Choice one of you dice and execute it with extreme prejudice with all your other dice in attendance. It you luck does improve do it again and again until you have purged all the "losers" I've done it twice and my luck has improved.

    Bill D

    1. Oh yeh, a dice sacrifice is definitely on the cards. Mind you, im reminded of a story I once heard...

      A role-player was so annoyed with his d20 coming up with a one all the time he took it outside, put in on the patio and lined up with his best golf driver. The hit shattered the dice leaving just one piece spinning on the ground like a top....when it stopped spinning the number 1 stared back up at him!

  2. Another loss! I know the feeling after getting smashed by Postie at Skirmish!

    1. She made such short work of me it was painful.

  3. I twelve year old daughter has thrashed me 5 nil over the last week or so.

    Lovely table btw..really like your crashed glider.

    1. I bought the glider from a bring-and-buy last year. Pretty much everything else on the table is terrain I have made or painted myself.

  4. Lovely looking table mate



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