Thursday 9 April 2020

A couple of Frostgrave Thugs

Normally when the Analogue Painting Challenge comes to an end in late March, I'm all painted out for several months. I tend to focus on getting some games done, replenishing stocks of painting materials and topping up the Lead Mountain. Then the Coronavirus came and suddenly we were all looking at cancelled shows and closed down clubs. I've still managed to get a lot of gaming done at home but I have now started on some painting, mainly thanks to Curts new initiative; The Quarantine Challenge. It's taken me a while to get paint on models (mostly because I have been very busy with work) but at last, I have something to show.

I've just painted this pair of figures for use with Frostgrave. These can represent a couple of Thugs, which are the cheapest type of hirelings that a Wizard can purchase for his Warband. 

Hope you like them. I'll be doing more frostgrave figure next and then I may have a go at some of my more traditional 6mm. 

Stay safe everyone! 


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