Sunday 26 April 2020

Rorke's Drift in 6mm

Last week I treated myself to the Rorke's Drift model by Leven Miniatures. This resin set includes all the buildings and mealie bag defences needed to recreate this iconic location on the tabletop in 6mm. Once again I had excellent service from Mike at Leven Miniatures, with the parcel arriving within days of placing the order. As always the resin is excellent with not a single flaw or bubble in any of the pieces. A quick wash and scrub with detergent to clean the surface and it was ready to be primed with minimal effort. 

Getting all the pieces out to check them over. No flaws or faults of any kind. 

Painted and mounted on a temporary base made from craft foam.

Cattle in the cattle pen. 

Closeup of the Redoubt

Zulu's...thousands of em!

"If it's a miracle, Colour Sergeant, it's a short-chambered, Boxer-Henry . 45 calibre miracle."

"At one hundred yards. Volley fire, present. Aim. Fire."

"If 1200 men couldn't hold a defensive position this morning, what chance have we with 100?"

I want to be able to get maximum utility from these terrain items, so I didn't want to stick them to a base but I did want something for the pieces to fit into when in Rorke's Drift 'configuration'. I used a sheet of craft foam and marked out the layout of the buildings and barricades then applied grass and gravel. I think the end result looks pretty good and it means I can still use the buildings in other settings... of course, I need to finish my rules and have some games for that to happen! 

I have also posted a bit of video showing this model in all its glory on my youtube channel here so please pop over and take a look. 

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