Wednesday 10 April 2013


I had one of those serendipitous purchases at the weekend while in the Aladin's Cave that is my local Ikea. We were out as a family shopping (read: dragging the poor kids around after us) when I found this item in the rug section. Stopp - with two P's - is a very thin rubber anti-slip mat to go under rugs on laminate flooring. I picked up a two meter roll for just £2.50 so I have enough to last me for many projects.

I have bought other, thicker, varieties before (the last one will go under my game mat to stop it sliding of the table!) but I have been looking for a thinner alternative to apply to the underside of some of my terrain. In particular I have a range of hills (no pun intended) that needed a little extra grip to the base.

This rubberised material is very thin but provides more than enough grip for terrain items like hills
I liberally coated the underside of the hill with a good quality PVA then spread the Stopp across it evenly.
Once dried I trimmed off the excess using a sharp blade. Job done. Not bad for a chance discovery on an otherwise mediocre shopping trip.


  1. Nice find and a good idea.

  2. Great find indeed. Have used the same thing for some of my storage containers also to keep units from moving around as easily as well. Though I used a Hot Glue Gun to attach it down in the corners as the White Glue was not strong enough over time. Hopefully white glue works better for you on these items though.

  3. Hi Lee,

    That is a really good idea! We have one of these under the rug in the lounge but I suspect that SWMBO would take a dim view if I started cutting chunks out of it!

    You have also got to love some of the names used in the Ikea range as well....

    All the best,


  4. Lee, what a great idea. Amazing what you can find in Ikea!!

  5. Lee - great idea. Can also be used at the bottom of figure bases to stop them sliding off hills.

    I'm off to Poundland to get some!

  6. Also - £4 for a hill! You was robbed!

  7. What a great idea, brilliant find Lee.


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