Saturday 13 April 2013

Salute to Salute 2005

Continuing my Salute to Salute today is the turn of the 2005 Show, the last at Olympia. This was the early days of my photography at these events and sadly my note taking was effectively none existent so no labels I'm afraid. Having said that it was still fun to look back at these pictures and recall some great display games.


  1. Now that is some serious gaming p0rn. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Definitely. I have taken thousands of pictures over the years and I rarely get a chance to show them off, so I thought I would this time. I'm really looking forward to this years event (as you may have guessed) and will be joining the other Rejects at 1pm near the seating area (beside the B&B) for a meet and greet with fellow bloggers.

  2. I've only been going to Salute for the last couple of years so I'm still very much in the kid in the sweetshop phase, but there does seem to be something more intimate in these photographs that the new venue has lost; thank you for sharing.


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