Saturday 6 April 2013

Goodies in the Mail

I received a parcel on Friday with some models that I have been waiting to come back in stock. British Desert Infantry from GHQ. Once I have my current terrain projects out of the way I'll be starting on an 8th Army Infantry Company.

I'm away for a few days this week (a short family holiday) so I doubt if a lot will get done this week but hopefully I can get started on these next weekend.


  1. Always nice to receive some bright and shiny goodness!

  2. Why does noone every receive any "baddies" in the mail?

  3. Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graham Gardner and Bill Oddy were well wrapped and suffered no damage in transit. Although they did find it hard to breathe inside the blister pack!

    1. Goodiieeees, goody goody yum yum.......

      All the best,

      The Funky Gibbon


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