Wednesday 17 April 2013

Handmade Cthulhu Toy

I received this special gift from my eldest daughter yesterday. Its baby Cthulhu toy, and she made it with her own fair hand and to her own design. Pretty cool huh! I love the fact that its hand made by my very own dorkette. I'm such a proud parent right now!


  1. Lee

    Pretty cool! Is this the same daughter with the great exam results last year? My daughter has been know to crochet gothic critters too.


  2. Dare I show this to my daughter? She'll want one immediatly!
    A very nice piece of crochet.

    1. It's not crochet, its made from a pair of socks! She has made cats and bunny toys before but this is her first Elder God!

  3. That is totally ftagn Awesome!

  4. No better use for a pair of socks, Lee! She'll be looking for a copy of the Necronomicon in second hand book shops soon if you don't watch her!


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