Thursday 18 April 2013

Saluting Salute 2010

Continuing the slideshow review of my pictures from previous Salute shows here are my photo's from the 2010 event. This was the first year when my note taking kept pace with my photo's but it was also the year when I realised what a struggle it was to get round everything in the sort of detail I like. I love the fact that Salute is a big show and attracts so many people but I really do think it is nearing the maximum size for a one day show. There is potential for growth in that the organisers could just hire an extra section and get more traders and displays in but its far from clear if it would be economically viable to spread the show over two days instead of one.

The queues were huge and moved into an adjacent empty section of Excel
Imperial Stormtroopers guarded the entrance as usual
Siege of Yokomi-jo by Oshiro Modelterrain
Dr Who Miniatures Game - Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Daleks
RC Kingtiger... I wan't one, but it won't fit in the back on my car. But I'd love to see the look on my wife's face if I rolled that into the living room on my return from the show..."Look what I bought dear!"
54mm Colonial Period - Sudanese vs Ethiopiana
Critical Mass Games
Red Hawk Down - Soviet era war in Afghanistan - Red Star Miniatures
Frothers Unite - Frotherheim
Frothers Unite - Christmas Truce - An imaginative take on the impromptu football game between German and British troops on no-mans-land - Christmas 1914
Armies of Arcana
Veni, Vidi, Vici - Aylesbury Wargames Club
Market Garden - A Flames of War game by Battlefront Miniatures
A North Africa Flames of War game also by Battlefront Miniatures
Raid on the Solent - Raiden Miniatures
Another Armies of Arcana game
A world turned upside down - Realtime Wargames - AWI
Battle of Blenheim 1704 by Matt Slade & Martin Holmes
Detail from the Battle of Blenheim game
Battle of Blenheim 1704 - Matt Slade & Martin Holmes
Battle of Busaco 1810 - Loughton Strike Force
Normandy Breakout - Braintree Wargames Group
Perry Miniatures - Battle of Tewkesbury 1471
Perry Miniatures - Battle of Tewkesbury 1471
Zama 202BC - Muswell Militia
Zama 202BC - Muswell Militia
1st Chaeronea 338BC - Society of Ancients
End of Empire - Spirit of the Game
Meuse of Bust - WW2 - South London Warlords
Meuse of Bust - WW2 - South London Warlords
Ride the Divine Wind - Whitstable & Hern Bay Wargamers
Ride the Divine Wind - Whitstable & Hern Bay Wargamers
To Boldly Go - Star Trek - South London Warlords
Millers Crossing 1778 - Uxbridge Wargamers
Viking Wars - Gripping Beast
My Feet Hurt Mum - WWI - South East Essex Military Society
Glider Assault - Pegasus Bridge 6 Jun 1944 - Honnington Wargame Group
Punic Wars - Newark Irregulars
Swashbuckler - Hornchurch Wargames Club
Projekt X - A Weird War Two game Scarab Miniatures & Kallistra
I hope you have enjoyed this collection of pictures from the 2010 event. Unfortunately I missed the 2011 show because it clashed with the Easter Holidays and I was away with the family (who say's I never make sacrifices) so tomorrow I'll be posting pictures from the 2012 show. 


  1. This was the last Salute show I went to (for financial reasons). Good to see the pics and reminisce about the Day.,

  2. Some more fantastic photos, Lee. Thanks again for posting these. Looking through your last few posts, its been great to see some games I remember, and some I must have missed. My most frequent reaction, though, has been "Was that actually [three/five] years ago?"!!

  3. That Blenheim gm was just out of this world.... I saw it at Warfare the November before as well... it missed out on prizes in both shows - I have no idea why as it was just simply gob smacking.....

  4. Great pictures of some phenomenal looking games.

  5. These have been a great series of posts. There's something special about the big shows or conventions.


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