Thursday 25 April 2013

Eastbourne Redoubt Military Museum

During the Easter Holidays I went away with the family for a few days and I managed to slip in a quick visit to the Eastbourne Redoubt Military Museum. I've been here several times before, back when they used to have a small wargames show, but its been a few years now and some of the exhibits have changed. So here are my pictures to give you a flavour for this excellent little museum in a very evocative setting. 

The Eastbourne Redoubt is right on the seafront and houses the Military Museum in its casemates
This model of the Redoubt shows what it would have looked like when first built
There are plenty of items of uniform on display including this Bicorne Hat with its own Box
A WWII Gas mask set in amazingly good condition
A recreation of the inside of an Anderson Shelter. I remember my Grandfather still using one of these as a garden shed when I was a wee lad. 
A section dedicated to the Royal Sussex Regiment
Medals issued for service during the Indian Mutiny 
Private, Bandsman, Sergeant and Officer of 35th Regiment c 1868
Undress Uniforms 35th Regiment 1846-80
Officer, Sergeant, Private and Drummer of 35th Regiment 1852
Sergeant, Officer & Private of 35th Regiment of foot 1805
Charge of the Grenadiers (25th Foot) at Battle of Bunkers Hill 1775
Detail on Dervish Sword captured during Sudan Campaign of 1884-5
Sudan Medals - Two Egypt 1882 Medals and Khedive Star 1884
Detail from a painting showing the Battle of Abu Klea 1885
Flanders - Bronze Maquette of Scottish Rifles Memorial
Trench Map in Case 1914-18
Wooden box in the form of a Tank - Trench Art c 1916
The Steyr Type 1500A Staff car which belonged to General von Arnim (the last commander of the Afrika Korps). It was captured by the Royal Sussex Regiment in Tunisia in 1943.
Von Arnim's Staff Car
Von Arnim's Staff Car
Von Arnim's Staff Car
The Battle of Quebec in 1759 - The models shown here are Flats
The Battle of Quebec in 1759
This museum is well worth a visit and has hundreds more exhibits on display that the military or wargaming enthusiast will enjoy. 


  1. Never been there Lee, Cheers for the pics!

    1. Its well worth a visit. Its literally on the seafront with the beach just a few meter's from the entrance. Plonk the family on the beach and while they have a good time you can nip inside and get a history fix. It's a pity they don't have the games show there any more because it was the ideal excuse to have a day out with the family and get some wargaming in at the same time (done the a few times in years gone past).

    2. I'd definitely agree it's worth a visit - especially if the sun is out... it really is a shame the show stopped - I went a few times and always enjoyed the day out, but it was a VERY small show and seemed to suffer from a lack of publicity..

      Good pictures by the way - I was so enthused by the regimental museum when I last went I came home and immediately painted the regiment for my AWI project!

  2. Been to Eastbourne a couple of times and never saw this museum. Looks well worth a visit...thanks for the pics and letting me know about it!

  3. Excellent pictures! It's been a long time since I've visited historical sites, but now as a father, I freely drag my kids to all the places I can find. They love it!
    Their favorite is the Kalamazoo Air Zoo with scores of vintage military aircraft.

  4. Very good pictures. I used to go to the show too but the trade stands were a bit tragic and I think the only things I bought there were some ECW flags from the Redoubt stand.

    Did they ever find anything to replace the Centurion tank that used to be outside until a few years ago?


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