Sunday 14 April 2013

Saluting Salute 2006

Salute 2006 saw the show move to Excel in the Docklands, which made travel to the show much easier (for me at least) although the car parking fee's were eye-watering! This was the show that saw the South London Warlords put on probably their largest participation game ever. Cloudships of Mars was grand in scale and very impressive to watch, my only regret is that I didn't make the time to join in as a participant. This game made really good use of the space available to them in their 'new' venue in docklands although this was actually the games third outing, having previously been been at Salute the year before and at SELWG also in 2005.

There was a lot of 'empty space' at this first show at Excel, but the event has grown into its venue and traders have made much better use of the vertical space afforded to them.
This impressive chariot game was based on the epic movie Ben Hur
One of my favorite games from the 2006 event was this awesome recreation of Rorks Drift
Another view of the Rorks Drift game.
This D-Day landing beach was also very inspiring

Another shot of the Cloudships game which gives a good view of the scale of this well attended participation game. 
In case your wondering where the slideshow has gone but I found that the flashplayer code that inserts the slideshow into blogger doesn't work on some systems. So I'll try to post as many pictures as I can over the coming days and avoid using the embedded slideshows.


  1. Impresive, must be a real joy to been there!

  2. Nice pictures. Curious about the slide show. It worked for me, I think I even viewd it on my phone. I could be wrong though.

    1. It wasn't working on my Android Tablet so i thought i would stop using it. No idea if if effects many readers but better safe than sorry.


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