Thursday 14 February 2013

Desert Mat-o-War

A few weeks ago I wrote about my search for a suitable wargaming mat for my Desert campaigns. I had looked at several examples, some of which I couldn't find for sale and others that were very expensive. I asked for advice on alternatives or suppliers for some of the examples I was looking at and the response from BLMA readers was exceptional and very useful. One commentator listed a retailer in Ireland that sold the Mat-o-War and after a little deliberation I decided to buy this product.

Well the Mat has arrived and on the whole I'm very pleased with it. At last I have a gaming surface that will cover any gaming table up to 6x4' and it looks strong enough that I expect it to last many happy years of wargaming. It's a little darker than the pictures online indicated but I'm sure I can find a way to lighten the surface. Some suppliers websites have suggested that the mat can be painted but they are a little vague on detail. So I have put out a call for advice on The Miniatures Page and of course if the readership of BLMA have any suggestions they will be gratefully received

I also bought some anti-slip matting of the type you lay under rugs. This can go under the Mat-o-War to protect delicate dining tables (got to keep the SWMBO happy!) and to stop the mat from sliding on shiny polished surfaces when leaned on. 

This definitely falls within the category of  'serendipitous purchases' because no sooner had I decided I needed to buy just such a product than I found one in my local supermarket...and it was just £4.00 which is considerably cheaper than I have seen this sold elsewhere. I do enjoy a bargain!!

So now, at last I am ready and able to play a desert game on any suitably sized table.


  1. I'm sure I won't be the only one nor even the first suggesting that any offcuts from the anti-slip matting will probably make the base for some very nice camo netting. Though not for 6mm, where you could probably fit half a tank in one of the squares :)

  2. "I found one in my local supermarket...and it was just £4.00"
    we are talking about the anti-slip matting?

    1. Yeh, If I'd bought the Mat-o-War for just £4 I'd be dancing a jig! LoL

  3. Pop up some more pics please, would be great to see what you get for your money

  4. You could lighten it with a spray paint, held a couple of feet above it and used to dust the surface.


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