Wednesday 6 February 2013

Wiz-War by Fantasy Flight Games

On Friday four of The Delvers met to play the board game Wiz-War by Fantasy Flight Games. This is part board game, part card game and comes with high quality card tokens and a set of nicely sculpted plastic miniature playing pieces representing the Wizards. The aim of the game is to steal the enemy wizards treasure or, better still, kill them. Either action will earn the victor one victory point and overall victory is achieved when a Wizard reaches 2 points. 

Wiz-War is a Tom Jolly designed game by Fantasy Flight Games
The quality of the contents is impressive including these miniatures. 
Each player controls a Wizard and each is trying to steal the others treasure or kill them.
This part board game, part card game resulting in a fast paced and unpredictable game
Dave (on left) is looking smug because he has an attack planned. 
Derek (L) and I plan our attack during the Team game. 
My Wizard win the winning move, having stolen the yellow wizards treasure and returned it to my base square.
Each game lasted about an hour and was easy to learn and master. The game can be played by two to four players against each other or as 'teams' of two per side. The rules provide loads of scope for backstabbing, deception, traps, murder and mayhem, making it fun, fast paced and a good laugh too. We certainly enjoyed it and I expect this game will get played at future Delvers game nights.


  1. Not being rude but the Picture of you and Derek planning an attack would make a good caption competition as your expressions look so very different. Overall it looks like the kind of game that a few at my club would be interested in! Thanks for the write up.

  2. Hmmm, I might be getting this one, and the floating wizard fella is awesome

  3. Lee, you're letting the side down you don't have a geek-tastic T-shirt on, unlike your oppos :S


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