Friday 1 February 2013

Zvezda Opel Blitz Truck

This Russian manufacturer has a growing range. 
I was a bit 'done-in' after work last night so aside from changing the stripping fluid from my batch of soaking tanks I didn't feel up to getting any painting done. Instead I occupied myself building a Zvezda 1/100 Opel Blitz Truck kit that I must have bought at a show some time ago. 

I have no idea why I bought this kit, because I don't recall having any need of one in my FOW army lists. I guess I must have just bought it on a whim. So last night instead of painting I just sat down and put this together while watching some TV (a bit of hobby related zoning-out!). The finished vehicle probably won't even get painted but it was a 'therapeutic' exercise and pretty easy to assemble. Anyway here are a few pictures of this excellent little kit. 

Everything came on one Spru and was easily removed with a pair  of clippers.
The instructions are duel language and very clear and easy to understand.
The Cab comes in four parts that clip into an internal 'armature'. For a suposedly cheap kit the quality of the joins are excellent. 

The finished Truck is pretty good, and all for just a couple of pounds. 


  1. I love Zvezda 1/100s, cheap and useful, although the figures of the same range do not worth the price (4-5 figs = 1 vehicle whereas 3 vehicles for 1 full box= 40+ figs? no way)

  2. This is the first time I have seen the contents of one of these kits. To be honest they look better than I thought they would. Thank you for demonstrating that.

  3. The guys at Model Dads have some more eye candy



  4. Zvezda are just the dogs nadgers in terms of quality of model and price in 15mm - their Hanomags are very nice, and I just love the Pz II/Pz 38T

    1. I always wondered what "Hanomag" meant and today I stumbled over the answer. Turns out that Hanomag was the name of the company that designed and manufactured these halftracks.

  5. I remember seeing you with it, I think it was a Cavalier purchase.

  6. Can't be bad for a few quid Lee!!

  7. The Zvezda vehicle kits are at 1:100 and perfect for Flames of War and other 15 mm WWII gaming. I've been impressed with the simplicity and high relative value of these models.

    I've reviewed the Stuka, T-34 and Sd Kfz 251 to date, which can be found on the Zvezda models page of my site. I like all three. Four more kits are waiting in the wings.

    One thing to remember though: the guns and infantry are 1/72 scale, not 1:100. So they're not fully compatible.

  8. Not a bad little kit.I am needing to get around ten of them for MY Flames of war GErmans.I just hoping that the AA Vehicles will be released soon.Also they have a few more BRit and a KV-2 to be releades here in 2013.

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