Thursday 7 February 2013

Zvezda Panzer IV Auf D

Following on from last weeks post about the Zvezda Opal Blitz Truck I found and built here's another neglected kit I also found. Some readers said they hadn't seen the inside contents of these kits so I thought I'd share some pictures of this popular model as well. Once again the quality of the kit which cost me just £2.50 is very good. There are few mould lines and the parts clip easily from the two spru's in the box.

The Pz IV was the workhorse tank of the German Army and served throughout the whole war. 
Inside the box are two spru's and all the parts are clean and perfectly cast
Its best to remove the parts with a proper pair of clippers like these although a minimal amount of cleaning with a knife will also be necessary. 
The detail of this supposedly 'cheap' kit is pretty good.
Seven easy to assemble parts make up this kit. No glue is required. 
All parts clip together easily
The completed Pz IV
Note the little detailing on the hull. This really is a nice kit for the price. 
The range of models is increasing all the time and its hard not to be impressed with such a good quality kit at such a cheap price.


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