Monday 11 February 2013

Two Troops of Crusader II's

Here's the latest addition to my British Heavy Armoured Squadron. Two divisional support platoons of Crusader II's. The Crusader II was in essence just an up armoured Crusader I with thicker armour but the same weaponry, either the 2pdr or 3" Howitzer. It wasn't a particuarly reliable vehicle and was soon replaced by the american M3 and M4 as they were brought into the war. 

Two Troops of Crusader II Cruiser Tanks
This picture of the Crusaders shot from behind clearly shows the base labeling. 


  1. Nice work Lee! We'll soon be gaming with these..........I hope?

  2. They are all getting done. I have promised Ray and Fran some more Home Made chocolate fudge at Cavalier. Make sure you and Postie get your share!

  3. Very nice except the are A13 Cruisers not A15 Crusaders......

  4. I really like the way you've done the bases for this project. Top notch!


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