Monday 11 February 2013

Travel Reading

Now and again I have to visit my companies Southampton office as part of my job. This time I'm off to conduct some training with the manager but it's planned to be a short visit and I'm hoping to be back in wet and dismal Dagenham by early evening tomorrow. So once again I have an overnight stay in a hotel and several hours of solitary 'free' time to kill - its an unavoidable part of my job but something I'll never get used to. The only question is what shall I do with this time? 

I was going to bring my Travel Painting Kit but as its just one evening and I'm between projects anyway I decided to take it a little easier and just bring a few good books instead. I'm keenly researching the Desert War in North Africa for my 6mm micro armour project so I'm taking books specific to that topic. 

The book by John Sadler is pretty heavy going (the typeset is very small) but it is amply illustrated and well indexed so I may just dip into the book as needed for now. The Tanks in Detail book is one I bought quite some time ago and is very much in the style of an Osprey work although this isn't published by them. The M3 Grant/Lee is a strange looking Tank and but was an important step in the evolution of the later M4 as well as a number of M3 variants. 


  1. Even when your away most of the week most weeks it still feels odd, well for me it did. Use the Sadler book as a sleep aid if your struggling to get to sleep


  2. Take both books here:

    ...peaceful read while you sink a couple of their excellent "Summer Lightnings", curry afterwards, back to the hotel to sleep the sleep of the righteous.......


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