Monday 4 October 2010

Zombies!!! - Chow time for the undead

I've been playing more Zombies!!! this week. For some inexplicable reason my youngest daughter (5½) loves this game. Maybe it's because she keeps beating me by cutting a bloody swathe through the undead. Come the Zombie Apocalypse I'm following her.

Actually this game has been a useful home teaching tool. I've been getting her to read the cards (with help of course) and she's also practicing counting and adding up when we roll dice. Like all the best teaching resources she's having fun without realising she is also practicing her reading and maths skills. I'm not sure this game could be introduced into the National Curriculum just yet and I don't think I should tell her teacher this is how we play number games - but if it work it works!

As a long time Gamer I'm always proud to see her stitch me up with a well timed action card. Yesterday she played a card that refilled all the available building spaces with Zombies. Instead of having a clear path to the Helipad and victory I found myself surrounded by dozen of zombies. She laughed an evil laugh as my bullets and health points were rapidly depleted and she made a run for the finish line. To add insult to injury she not only got to the helipad and won but she did so by killing her 25th zombie (an alternative victory condition) and thereby beat me twice over.

I'm thinking of giving up gaming and taking up fishing instead.


  1. Its always the way when you are beaten by the young, keep up the good work.

  2. Haha Lee that makes me feel a whole lot better, i've been playing it with my six year old son, but felt like i shouldnt be so glad you are too.

    I keep getting beat also !!

  3. Haha, I really like your daughter, she sounds sooo cool!


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