Sunday 24 October 2010

Big Picture : The Group with No Name... maybe

Yesterday I was invited to join a dedicated group of Wargamers for an ACW battle using the Fire & Fury rules. First off let me say a big thank you to the group for inviting me, I had an absolute blast and thoroughly enjoyed the game. I'm in serious awe at the collection of miniatures and scenery collected by Postie the umpire who hosted the battle. Green with envy would be a good description.

I especially enjoyed being on the winning side in a game for a change. Somehow I managed to avoid get my Union division annihilated, which I was rather pleased with as I have never read or used the Fire & Fury rules before... and have the tactical instinct of a peanut. 

Thanks to the Angry Lurker, Ray of Don't throw a 1 and all the other members of The Group with No Name for making me feel so welcome.


  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself!! We only let you win, to encourge you to return, but you won't win next time, unless of course your on my side!!

  2. Excellent to hear that and hope to see you again with "Postie's Rejects", we are not as bad as those hurtful leave you behind D&D boys.

  3. Look forward to a return visit (if you want me). Maybe next time I'll even read the rules! Must admit I spent most of the battle in a state of confusion, although I was starting to get an idea of how things worked by the end. I'm sure I made several mistakes, not least charging unshaken troops supported by artillery. Ouch. Glad the game ended where it did cos I get a feeling another round of combat would have been painful.


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