Friday 29 October 2010

IWM London

I took a few days off earlier in the week to take the family to the Imperial War Museum in London. It's been a long time since we have been here and we all had things we wanted to see. My wife booked a ticket for the Ministry of Food Exhibition and later in the day we all went in the Horrible Histories - Terrible Trenches Exhibition which is due to end in a few days time. In addition I specifically wanted to look at the Blitz section and the Monty exhibition on the first floor.

We had a great day out but on reflection visiting during the school half term holidays was a bad idea. The Museum was literally heaving with kids and frazzled parents (ourselves amongst them) and it made for a very noisy and crowded visit. Having said that the IWM is a world class museum with plenty to see and lots of interesting exhibits. I certainly enjoyed myself and I'm pretty sure the kids did as well.

Because of the crowded conditions I didn't take as many pictures as normal (too many kids banging into my legs and people walking in front of the camera). However I still got a good selection of pictures of the exhibits I visited, especially later in the day when it quietened down a bit.

All in all a great day out and more than a little exhausting!


  1. Very nice, good pictures but maybe others would have liked to go.(Hint)Some of us could have done crowd control and are definitely suited to it.

  2. Great pictures.
    And....if the place wouldn't be crowded with people there wouldn't be a museum to go to. ;)

  3. Awesome pictures ... great subjects to take pictures


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