Thursday 8 April 2010

Zombie Victory!

I spent a very enjoyable evening at my Brother-in-Laws the other day, and we got a game of Zombies! in. My daughter also joined which made for a very challenging game (she's a ruthless player!).
This was one of the longest games of Zombies! I have ever played. The balance of advantage shifted from one player to another constantly and the betrayals and stabs in the back flew thick and fast. However I eventually saw my chance and prepared to make a mad rush for the Helipad and escape. Luck was on my side as I had an awesome combination of cards that got me past the insane number of zombies blocking the exit route. Victory was mine! I tried to be gracious with my win... but the mad laughter and victory dance could not be contained. Bwahaha.


  1. This game looks great, Lee - where can I find more info about it, please?

  2. Try this link : Twilight Creations Inc.

    There is a whole series of games and expansion sets. The basic set (which we were playing) works best with three or more players.

  3. Picture 2. That look in his face. The Devil himself!;)

  4. Zombie can be fun indeed! Looks like you had a great game!

  5. It's a great game, can't wait to play it again!


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