Sunday 25 April 2010

Big Picture : The Grace Spitfire

This weeks Big Picture was taken as a special VE day event at the Royal Gunpowder Mills at Waltham Abbey in 2008. I panned the camera as the aircraft shot past and got just a couple of usable shots. Wow its fast! I'm looking forward to training my new camera (and its 15 mega pixel awesomeness) on the The Grace Spitfire at future events.
From The Big Picture


  1. Drove to Salute along A13 through Dagenham.

  2. Lucy you... you were only passing through, I have to live there!

    I drove to Salute, its a bit of a no-brainer when I live only 15 minutes away. But the parking fee at Excel made my eyes water. Lucily I was sharing the ride so we split the cost.


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