Wednesday 21 April 2010

Back to Paper Mountain

I'm home from my holiday but now I have to pay the price. I got back to work on Monday and found my desk had been replaced by a mountain of files, invoices and reports... and don't even get me started on my email in-box!

I've now dug deep enough to find my phone and keyboard but it may be some time before I hit bedrock. Pretty much all gaming activity has been put on hold until the weekend (it's Salute on Saturday!). I also have over 700 pictures from the holiday that need to be sorted through, edited, labelled etc.. I visited several interesting museums and I'll post pictures when I finally get a chance.

In the meantime there are more old Salute pictures on their way for you to enjoy.

BTW The comic is my edited version of a sketch by the cartoonist Leigh Rubin.


  1. 700 pictures! You amateur. I regularly come back with 1,000+. And when we go through them, Mrs B is full of admiration

    "What did you take a photo of THAT for?"

    "What's this rubbish?"

    "What made you think that would make a good picture?"

    "Good grief! I think I better be in charge of the camera next time"

    "Why have you taken a picture of the car?"

    "How many HAVE you taken?"

    "I'm going to bed".

  2. Yeh I get comments like that as well. What they don't understand is that I take a lot of 'reference' pictures of signes, lables, maps etc. I use them as visual notes to help me identify the real pictures. Once they serve their purpose I delete them. So a significant number of that 700 will be weeded out by the time I make a final selection.

    Thank crunchy for Digital though. When I went to Egypt (some 18 years ago) only had a film camera to rely on. I took tons of film but still had to limit myself to 600 pictures over two weeks. If I ever go again I'll be snapping away with abandon, knowing I can just pop in another 8gb card!


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