Sunday 11 April 2010

Big Picture : Breacourt Manor

Todays Big Picture is a shot of an excellent display and Participation game from Rampage 2009. This was the Horchurch Wargames Club recreation of the action at Breacourt Manor in Normandy 1944. This was a recreation of the famous Brécourt Manor Assault which was immortalised in the HBO Miniseries Band of Brothers.
From The Big Picture
Click the picture to embiggen! The level of detail and work that went into this table made it one of the most memorable and enjoyable displays of the year.


  1. Looks fantastic. That was one of the best BoB episodes and this diorama does it justice.

    I thought you were on your hols, Lee?

  2. That looks brilliant! Must have been a great game to play in I reckon


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