Monday 12 January 2009

Thrud the Barbarian

This is a model I completed last year and one that harks back to the early days of my hobby. Thrud the Barbarian was created by Carl Critchlow in 1981 and stalked the pages of White Dwarf Magazine in the early 80's.

This model is a multi part figure sculpted by Andy Foster and made by Heresy Miniatures. I actually bought two of these models by mistake (how dim is that?). The second one now rests in my model case awaiting a 'special' paint job at some point in the future.


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  2. Nice to see another old fella painting figures!
    Great work! -James

  3. I have every Thrud miniature ever made including this one, Walking Thrud and the big Resin Thrud. all made by Andy Foster of Heresy Miniatures.


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