Wednesday 28 January 2009

Harpies from Hell

These are some Games Workshop Harpies that I painted for my D&D Campaign last year. I called them "The sisters of lamentation".
The Harpies were spies and gatherers of information in an evil city and as such were the main 'agent provocateurs' that propelled the story forward.
The Players met the Harpies at various locations within the city limits and each encounter provided more intrigue and tension than the last.


  1. WOW!

    I liked very much the idea as harpies as spies and gatherers of information!


  2. The Sisters ran a brothel and used their 'skills' to gather information from clients. I dropped lots of hints to the players about how powerful these creatures were. If a fight had broken out the players would have been dead in a couple of rounds. Instead they were forced to negotiate and roleplay an encounter with creatures they would normally kill on sight.

    The game I was running at the time was set in a city inside hell. This city had several factions struggling for power and influence. The players had to use this situation to their advantage and avoid being noticed by the authorities in the process. As a GM I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of roleplaying with moments of high tension and the occasional violent outburst!


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