Tuesday 6 January 2009

Something Old - Celtic Warrior

This is a paint job I did about four or five years ago for a Lord of the Rings RPG. This model is Taranis the Gael from the Celtos range of Urban Mammoth. Celtos is a warband level fantasy miniatures wargame now owned by Brigade Models and inspired primarily by Celtic myth and legendary.

When I painted it I was impressed with the clean lines and fine casting of the Mini. There was minimal flash and no casting lines. The sculpt is well defined and was easy to paint. My only gripe with the model is the size of the sword. If you like cricket bat sized weapons this range is for you.
Looking back at the paint job I did I'm still happy with it. Although I wish I had cut down the sword and put more detail on the kilt. I've seen other painters versions of this models and some of the tartan patterns were exceptional. At the time I was painting the model for use in an RPG but if I was to revisit this project I'd have a go at painting a tartan myself.

I think this was also one of my first attempts as using Static Grass. I love this stuff and it can bring a base to life. Overuse can also kill a model as I've learned to my dismay.

My review of this this paint job
What do I like about it? The bloodied sword worked out well although I could try using a more viscous material so the blood literally 'dripped' from the blade.

What could I improve? The hair color. I wanted a stereotypical Nordic blond but it just ended up yellow. I've since read a couple of articles on
how to paint blond hair.

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