Tuesday 27 January 2009

Bits and Bobs

I have been tidying up. OK not exactly an earth shatteringly exciting bit of news but there it is. I do, on occasion, tidy up after myself (if only I could teach this trick to my kids!). To be specific I have been tidying my model box and trying to clear a bit of space. This was prompted by my earlier recriminations and the rediscovery of a few neglected projects. I have started addressing the neglect and now its time to investigate the forgotten recesses of my model box....

That was a revelation! I'm more geeky than even I thought I was! I have found three (read it folks, three!) models that I have bought in duplicate on separate occasions. Which just goes to show that I didn't really know what I had in my unpainted pile. I have rediscovered a whole bunch of fantastic models that are wetting my creative juices (eek) just as they did when I first bought them many years before. I have also decided to pass a few of the less inspiring models to my kids as training mini's. Their sacrifice will help the next generation of painters.

On the whole its been a quite cathartic experience and has reaffirmed a desire to accomplish one of the primary goals of this blog: To paint more miniatures.

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  1. Like your blog very informative, don't know how you manage to post daily. Great painted mini's like your style


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