Sunday 15 November 2020

Conquer the Lead Mountain

Does the presence of your Lead Mountain nag at you and give you stress?  Is the gravitational field of that big pile of metal interfering with your enjoyment of the hobby? Do you need supplemental oxygen to reach the summit? If the answer is yes to any of these, maybe you need to develop a strategy for conquering your lead mountain. Today's episode of The Quarantined Wargamer suggests a simple strategy for dealing with the problem. 

I hope you enjoyed that video and of course if you did please hit the 'Like' button and consider subscribing to my channel. As always I would love to hear from you either here on the blog or in the comments on youtube. How big is your 'lead' mountain and does it worry you. What are your strategies for dealing with it...or have you successfully pushed its existence to the back of your mind?

I hope everyone is staying well and for readers in England, I hope you are coping with Lockdown 2.0! Until next week, stay safe and of course, keep rolling high! 


  1. I was successful over the last two years in clearing my rather large hill of metal figures. Now, just a few Frostgrave unpainted figures and almost completed F&IW figures to do.

    1. While I play lots of different games and periods, I've found that paring back to what's important has improved the enjoyment of my hobby.

  2. It is no mean feat to look into your unpainted collection. It can be heart rendering to think you won't paint what is left, depending on age and amount of time to devote to painting instead of wargaming.
    I took the route of playing less but, then, I'm a solo player.

  3. Agree Lee, my move to France has helped me focus on local events rather than everywhere in Europe and beyond. My ACW and AWI will be departing my collection, plus some modern Middle East and pacific stuff, Russian front 20mm German and Russians.
    The lockdown has helped too reduce it considerably also with only two purchases this year, plus painting close to 500 28mm and 200 odd 20mm helps too!


  4. In the end, attacking the lead mountain always comes down to:
    1. Paint more
    2. Buy less



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