Sunday 11 December 2011

The Newlyn Collection : Lancaster Crew

My Brother-in-Law is a bit of a collector. Some time ago I posted a few pictures from his man-cave showing just a small part of the huge collection of WWII memorabilia he has amassed. Part of his collection includes old photographs he has picked up at various trade shows and through his many contacts at Veteran associations. I've persuaded Ray to release some of his more interesting images via this blog. Many of them are unique and have been in private hands for many years and consequently have not been available in the public domain until now. 

The first picture from the collection is a bit of a mystery. The Image appears to show the crew of an Avro Lancaster Bomber but beyond that we have very little information. There is no date on the reverse of the image and no mention of where it was taken. There are also no distinctive marking on the aircraft which might help identify the subject. All I can say is that this picture was taken sometime after 1942 when the Lanc was introduced. I'm sure an aircraft enthusiast might be able to tell more from the scant information in this image but I've not been able to deduce any more. All the more reason to put the image out on the Web. 

Used with permission of the Newlyn Collection
If anyone can enlighten me more about this picture then please leave a comment below and maybe together we can rebuild the story of this photo and its crew.


  1. I forgot to say I'll publish more pictures from Rays collection over the coming weeks and months. Some have more information with them than others and some need a little more verification and checking before I post them on BLMA.

  2. The position of the prop against crew/wing seems to point towards a profesional picture rather than a snap, this is strangly backed up by the fact they are NOT looking at the camera and all looking at the same point. Most interesting.


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