Monday 19 December 2011

I didn't even know he was il...

Ronery no more
I couldn't let today's sad news pass by without comment. Yes, I view the death of North Korea's crackpot dictator, Kim Jong-Il, as a bad thing. I'll never forget his song in Team America. I laughed so much I nearly had a coronary. He was just so damned funny that I fear we will never see his like again....

Who am I kidding, in world full of shortages the one thing we have an excess of are potential power hungry despots. This year has been a good year for getting rid of dictators and tyrants (one way or another) but there's always another self styled demi-god ready to float to the top of the cesspool.

If history has taught us anything its that there are just not enough bullets to go around.

Don't get me wrong, I am a man of peace. I believe in the power of negotiation, compromise and shared responsibility. But I'm also a pragmatist and there are some world leaders for whom I have not and will not be shedding a tear when they meet whatever sticky end they have in store for them. In Kim Jong-Il's case, probably cholesterol.


  1. That picture is hilarious...LOL!!!

  2. But like you say, plenty more........... Look at Eygpt, the same old are taking power. In Korea it won't lead to enlightenment without a hell of a lot of bloodshed. We never learn.

    noticed how many wargamers are NOT positive to war? Often missed by the peeps on the outside


  3. "Hans you're busting my bralls!"

  4. A brilliant entertainer ... "Harrow ev'lybody!" ..... Good riddance to bad rubbish ...


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