Monday 18 April 2011

Tweeting Annoying or Twitterlicious?

Well I'm back from my holiday and I can happily report I am utterly exhausted and looking forward to going back to work for a good rest! I got to visit the Tank Museum twice while I was away (lucky me!) as well as the excellent Keep museum in Dorchester and the Fleet Air Arm Museum. The success of these visits can be measured in the 1000+ pictures I took between these three museums. Needless to say this is going to take a while to work through and label. I'll be posting my new pictures over the next couple of weeks as I work through them.

BigLee at Bovington Tank Museum
In the meantime I wanted to gauge reader reaction regarding my use of the Twitter feed to report on my activities while away. Did you find it useful, interesting, relevant, pointless or just annoying? More importantly should I keep it as a feature of this blog. Is it worth using this on future occasions when I'm on holiday or traveling? So should I remove it altogether. Keep it in its current form and location at the top of the blog or keep it and move it to the sidebar where it's less distracting?

I've put a Poll on this subject on the right but will only have it active for a week as I want to gauge opinion while last weeks tweets are still fresh in the mind. As always thanks for your feedback and comments.


  1. I need a visit to Bovington, I've driven past it twice, but never managed to get in the door!!

  2. Sounds like a great trip. I don't mind the tweeting. Sort of gives a quick synopsis at the top the page. I don't use Twitter, though.

  3. Been there once and loved it, no problem with the tweeting.

  4. Only two days to go on the Poll and it's not looking good for the Twitter feed!

  5. The poll is now closed and its clear that the twitter feed wasn't a complete success. I've decided to move it to the side column for now but it may bite the dust eventually.

    Twitterrhea - Remove it 9 (32%)
    Twitterlicious - Keep it 9 (32%)
    Tweeting Ugly - Move it 10 (35%)


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