Friday 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Special

I'm not a Royalist, that much needs to be said. But I do like a bit of tradition, pomp and circumstance and today has it in spades. The problem is I'm not sure my fragile sanity can stand the inevitably banal TV commentary that will drone on for most of the day. I will probably end up watching some of the TV coverage of  today's Royal Wedding but it'll be with the sound off and in bite sized snippets.

What I'm really hoping to do today is get some serious painting done while the rest of the household (females all) are glued to the box admiring The Dress and other such trivialities. While they are happily distracted I will be finishing off a couple of painting projects that have remained neglected since I went on holiday. The week away combined with several busy Public Holidays and a growing backlog in work have conspired to keep me from my paints for nearly three weeks!

Us Brits have been given an extra day off to celebrate the Royal Wedding how we see fit. I'll be using my day off to paint some more Panzer's.


  1. Yup, can't say I'm a big Royal Family fan, but when the occasion arises we Brits do the Pomp & Circumstance in big style.

    Likewise, the ladies in Kingsleypark Manor will be well distracted by all the hoo ha so def a good time to get that painting queue reduced

  2. Feeling like you about the whole thing. I've to say it's pretty nice to get an extra day off work however at my place we had to use one of our holidays otherwise we wouldn't get paid for it. Pretty lame.

  3. I thought since i now live in germany i had escaped the sham of british royalty but sadly not, its all over the news here too.

    I was surprised at first untill i remembered that the royals are in fact german themselves :p

  4. .....same with us Paddys living in England, I'll be gluing stuff together and painting some 20mm home guard.

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  6. I saw someone wearing a T shirt in the style of keep calm, carry on, saying "Thanks for the day off".

    Cheers Rich.

  7. Love the graphic chosen. Very appropriate!
    I'm doing my best to ignore the event, not having cable TV does help.
    Enjoy the extra day off. We don't get such things here.

  8. I'm hoping to get a good view of the RAF fly past. The direct route into London goes right over ,my house (it has in the past) so I'm ready, camera in hand.

  9. They must have changed the route of the flypast just to cheat me of some pictures! I could hear the Tornado's but only saw them on TV. LoL

  10. I'll be using my day off to paint some more Panzer's. That made me laugh :-D

  11. Yeh, borderline Treason I think! Actually its not been a bad day off. I watched the 'highlights', enjoyed the flypast, had family round for dinner and got some painting done. Certainly beats working!


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