Sunday 10 April 2011

Big Picture : Early Developer!

I'm finishing of the week with another dose of nostalgia. When I came across this photo a few days ago I couldn't help chuckling and thinking "I must put this on my blog". The year is about 1984 and this is ME (before I became BigLee obviously) preparing for a D&D game. I'm not sure what shocks me more, the wallpaper or the fact that I have a full head of hair!

The picture was actually a posed shot, taken by myself using a timer. I was preparing for a game and decided to stop and get a picture of myself. But after I saw the photo I thought it was a silly idea because it felt 'staged'. Now I look at it and think "OK this was 'set up' but its also the only picture I have of my early passion for games" and in that respect I think its actually an important photo. I'm glad I took the picture because unlike today, when everyone at a game is shooting pictures, back then we rarely thought to record our games for posterity.


  1. As Oscar Wilde said, "either that wallpaper goes or I will"
    Great can tell its you.
    You´re right, no-one back then took pics of the hobby, I took some but they are long gone. These days with digital photography it´s way easier, some would say too easy, but still great fun

  2. So who is this good looking youngster?


  3. Well, you are playing the best version of D&D, so you were doing something right back then! :-) I just want to know one thing--were you wearing tube socks? Come on, admit that you were. We all were wearing them. :-) Good times, good times.

  4. Tube socks and drainpipe jeans I bet....and a Harrington jacket in the wardrobe...

    Any clues as to what music would have been playing in the background?

  5. I wish I had done the same myself... *sigh*


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