Wednesday 20 April 2011

Battlegroup Afghanstan Exhibition

While I was on holiday I had a the good fortune (and forebearing wife) to visit the Tank Museum at Bovington twice! Our choice of holiday destination meant we would litterally be driving past the museum on the journey to and from home. The outward visit took place on the 9th April which coincided with the openng of the new Battlegroup Afghanistan exhibition.

I enjoyed the new exhibit, made more interesting by the fact that members of the Royal Armoured Corp were present for this opening day. There were also a range of other activities on hand for the opening day including craft activities, facepainting and a chance to try on desert kit. Over easter there will also be a desert themed easter egg hunt.

Here are my pictures from the exhibition. If you get a chance to visit the museum then this is well worth checking out.

I'll post more pictures from Bovington, including those from my second visit on friday.


  1. Looks a good one Lee and well worth checking out.

  2. I got my family to the Tank Museum once about ten years ago. They said that they had never been so bored.

  3. Very good stuff, would visit every month if I could.

  4. Thanks for these.

  5. Good exhibition - you got there TWICE!! - you really did marry well!

    Great photos BTW


  6. I forgot to mention that I also had a chance to chat with the Director of the Tank Museum, Richard Smith, while I was there. We worked together at P&O (about 15 years ago) and met up last year at Tankfest. Despite being an understandably busy day for him (schmoosing rich Kuwaitis and Royalty!) he took time out to have a chat.

    Similarly he was rushing around last week but stopped to say hi and tell me a little about the exhibition and this year’s Tankfest. It’s likely the Tiger won’t be ready to run by the time of the show in July. The engine is still undergoing refurbishment but it’s the gearboxes that are proving a real problem. They need new parts and the Museum are having to engineer replacements from blueprints. This is a costly and time consuming business. However I think most treadheads would agree that with such a unique and iconic vehicle its better to get the restoration completed to the highest standards, rather than rush it back into action for the show. There’s always next year!

  7. Very nice video !! Thanks for these.


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