Wednesday 27 April 2011

Ray's Man-Cave

I've mentioned my fellow FOW gamer, good friend and Brother-in-law Ray several times. We have visited many living hstory shows and game conventions together over the years. While I'm off spending hard earned cash on toy soldiers Ray is usually found looking at the real thing. He's an avid (his better half might say "obsessive"!) collector of memorabelia, books and autographs. Most of his collection remains boxed up and carefully stored but his best stuff is on display in his very own man-cave.

My family and I were over at his place this weekend, enjoying the easter sunshine and a BBQ. I also had a chance to take a good look around rays man-cave which is more like a small museum than a study. This time I brought my camera and couldn't resist taking a few pictures of some of the best items in Ray's growing collection.


  1. What a collection of items and pieces, very very nice.

  2. Well your right, it is a mini museum, Ray's got a fantastic collection there, thanks for sharing!!

  3. That is an absolutely amazing collection. It leaves me almost speechless. I really enjoyed seeing these photos.

  4. Its worth adding that most of the RAF uniforms are original. Some of the 101st airborne stuff is also original (such as the citation bar) while other gear like the jackets are props from the making of Band of Brothers.

    He's got loads more - boxes of stuff - in the loft and at his parents house. He's a high class horder! Mind you his collecting days may be coming to an end as he's gonna be a daddy in a couple of months and then he won't have any money for the next 18 years or so!

  5. Amazing..just amazing!!!!

  6. very cool, you guys rock, you guys do what i wanna do lol +1 follower

  7. Wow1 What a collection!

    You need to persuade him to open his doors and let joe public have a look (for a fee of course!)


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