Sunday 21 April 2024

A Changing Hobby? Small Skirmish Games vs Big Battles

Is the Tabletop Wargaming Hobby shifting away from Big Battles towards small skirmish games? This subject arose during last week's SALUTE 51 and was even discussed in at least one of the panel sessions. But is the hobby changing, or is it just that this type of large trade show attracts companies that want to demo their new game-in-a-box?


  1. Hello Lee: when I first saw the title page for your video I laughed and thought, "I bet Ken Reilly has an opinion on that". I like your balanced approach, skirmish gaming is affordable and accessible and if it leads some people to eventually retreate the battle of Leipzig, good for them, but that's just one of many choices the hobby offers to us. And let's be honest, how many of us have put hundreds of figures down, played 2-3 moves, and then had to quit for lack of time? Skirmish gaming allows people to get into a genre and play some games through to a conclusion. Hopefully it is, as you say, a gateway.
    Cheers from Canada, Michael

    1. I love big battles with lots of players, but we rarely get to 'finish' a game, even when we have all day to play. None of us are spring chickens any more and by late afternoon we usually end the game so we can have a sit down and a cup of tea.


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