Sunday 9 May 2010

Big Picture : Messerschmitt BF 109

Following on from last weeks Big Picture here is another photo from the Gathering of Warbirds and Veterans event. There are only two flight worthy Messerschmitt bf 109's and this one flew in specially for this air show.
From The Big Picture


  1. Is that one of the Spanish ones with merlin engines?

  2. This one looks like a real beauty and its a real pity more have not been restored.


  3. John, I'm not sure. There wasn't much information available and the website/forum is equally uninformative. Most of the people there seemed to be 'hard-core' aviation fans (as indicated by the huge and very expensive lenses on their cameras) and they probably know every last detail.

    I'll keep looking for details though and if I come up with any information I'll post it here.

  4. Hi

    This is a HA-1109/1112 Buchon, after WWII Spanish variant of Bf-109 with another engine

    These planes often playing 109 in some post war cartoons

    Best wishes from Russian modelers!

  5. Today I heard warbird and bomber engines overhead. I went outside and there was an Me-1-9 and a B-25 flying around. I went to the webside of the airport near me and found out there is a ton more stuff there.

    Evidentally Paine Field, which is quite literally across the street from me, not only has a collection of restored vintage planes but they have production lines for replicas including 5 airworthy Me-262s. I have almost driven off the road watching one of the Me-262s landing.

    Here is a link to Paine Field's site -



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