Sunday 2 May 2010

Big Picture : Gathering of Warbirds

This picture was taken just a week ago at a special airshow at North Weald Aerodrome. The Gathering of Warbirds and Veterans event brought together over 20 vets from the Battle of Britain (from both sides) and some of the aircraft they flew.
From The Big Picture
The weather was a bit grim, with drizzly rain off and on all morning. But despite the weather aircraft were arriving all day, including these four Spitfires.


  1. When I was a child I got to sit in a spitfire in Central Square. I recall it as being small - even to an 11 year old.

  2. I got a close look at these Spits and I thought to myself "I'd never fit in there". Aside from my not inconsiderable girth I'm also quite tall and would have to double up to get inside the cockpit.

    My Brother-in-Law stayed all day and got to see all these amazing aircraft taxi out onto the field and take off.

  3. Which veterans where there? most envious must get to North Weald. Another small museum worth visiting (aviation archaeology) is Shoreham in North kent above Sevenoaks, its the home of Geoff Nutkins the aviation artist...complete JU88 nose & lots of good interpretation plus a nice adjoining tea room...only open sundays . sometimes has veteran signing days as well

  4. Here is a list of the Vets that I know were confirmed as attending:

    •S/LDR Keith Lawrence DFC - flew Hurricanes and Spitfires with 234, 603, 421 and 124 squadrons
    •F/LT Len Chambers - flew Hurricanes with 28 squadron in Burma
    •S/LDR Peter Hearne - flew Spitfires and Mustangs with 19 and 65 squadrons
    •S/LDR William Pearce - flew Spitfires, Hurricanes, P-39's and P-47 Thunderbolts with 261 squadron
    •W/CDR Roger Morewood - flew Gladiators, Hurricanes and Spitfires with 56 squadron
    •W/CDR Peter Ayerst - flew Hurricanes and Spitfires with 73, 33 and 238 squadron
    •S/LDR Eric Batchelar - flew Hurricanes and Tempests with 17 and 135 squadron
    •S/LDR Tony Fairhead - flew Hurricanes and Typhoons with 184 squadron
    •LT/Com Brian Ellis - flew Sea Furies and Fireflies with 802 squadron RN
    •LT/Com Peter Davis - flew Sea Furies and Fireflies with 802 squadron RN
    •LT/Com 'Boot' Nethersole - flew Sea Furies and Fireflies with 802 squadron RN
    •F/LT John Shellard - flew Typhoons with 263 squadron
    •W/O Terence Kelly - flew Hurricanes and Typhoons with 258 and 605 squadrons
    •S/LDR Mahinder Singh Pujji - one of the first Indian pilots to join the RAF. Flew Hurricanes with 43 Squadron and Spitfires with 258 Squadron, and then served in the Middle East, India and Burma.
    •F/O W.H.Swan. OBE. 43-232-33 Sqds. Europe & Desert. Hurricane.
    •W/O W.J.Hodges. DFC. 174-175 Sqds. Europe. Hurricane & Typhoon.
    •S/LDR. O.A.Parry. DFC. 11 Sqd. Burma. Hurricane.
    •F/O K.Kneen. 175 Sqd. Europe. Typhoon.
    •F/LT Doug Gregory. 141 Squadron, Beaufighters & Mosquitos in Europe plus Spitfires & Hurricanes in India
    •F/Lt Tom Adams. 28 Squadron who flew Hurricanes in Burma
    •F/O Ken Wilkinson - Battle of Britain 616 & 19 Squadron Spitfire Pilot
    •F/O John Byrne - 197 Squadron flying Typhoons. Also flew Hurricanes, Spitfires, P-47s and Tempests
    •F/lt Alan Davis - He flew Hurricanes at AFU. Spitfire Mk XIV's at OTU. & Spitfire Mk9's with 225 & 253 Sqds in North Italy.
    •F/lt David Ince DFC - Flew Hurricanes in Training, & Typhoons with 193 & 257 Squadrons.
    •F/lt Ray Jackson MC - Flew Hurricanes with 34 Squadron in Burma.
    •S/LDR Brian Lort 210 Squadron flying Short Sunderlands and PBY Catalina's
    •F/lt Harry R. Smith 28 Squadron Spitfires and Hurricanes (Burma & North Africa)
    •F/lt Freddie Ball M.C. He flew Hurricanes with 42 Squadron in Burma.
    •S/LDR Ray Vernon who flew Dakota's with 31 Squadron.
    •Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob fought in the Battle of Britain and later took over leadership of 9./JG54 in 1940. Was awarded the Knight's Cross in 1941 and ended the war as Adjutant of Galland's JV44 in the West.
    •F/lt Kurt Taussig. He flew Spitfires with 225 Squadron on Photo Reconnaissance.
    •F/O Frank Wheeler DFC. He flew Hurricanes at 56 O.T.U. and Typhoons with 174 Squadron.
    •F/SGT Ron Farmborough. He flew Spitfires with 33 Squadron in the Desert & later over the D-Day Beaches.
    •F/O Peter George. He ferried various Aircraft while serving with the Air Transport Auxilliary.
    •S/LDR Tony Pickering. He flew Hurricanes with 6 O.T.U. & 32, 501 & 601 Squadrons. Later he flew Spitfires with 57 O.T.U. & 131 Squadron.


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